Half-armor was combat armor that wasn't rated for space and that didn't have built-in weapons.[1]

There were multiple grades of half-armor, at least one was called "paramilitary-grade".[2]

By the time of Mirror Dance, half-armor in the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet consisted of:[3]

  • A nerve-disruptor shield net
  • A flexible torso-armor for protection from projectile weapons
  • fatigues, made from combat-rated fabric that would not melt or burn
  • Various tools and belts for weapons, a rappel harness and spool, emergency oxygen, and so forth.
  • A power pack that generated a plasma arc mirror field for protection from plasma weapons.
  • Over the head was a helmet with a great deal of communications capability and telemetry; text was displayed in the visor.

Compare space armor.

Notes and referencesEdit

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