"Guy Tremont. The real hero of the siege of Fallow Core. The defiant one, the one who'd held, and held, and held, after General Xian fled, after Baneri was killed... Eventually resources were reduced to hope and rocks. Rocks were versatile; they could either be boiled for soup or thrown at the enemy. At last Fallow Core was taken. Not surrendered. Taken."
―Miles Vorkosigan wants to meet Guy Tremont[src]

Colonel Guy Tremont was a Marilacan officer who held Fallow Core against the Cetagandans until he was betrayed by someone in his command. Taken prisoner and sent to Dagoola IV Top Security Prison Camp 3 along with the rest of his people from the 14th Commandos, he gave up the fight. By the time rescue arrived in the form of Miles Vorkosigan with a mission to free him to create a new resistance, he was comatose and within a day of death.

Miles's decision to instead rescue the entire camp of 10000 prisoners stemmed from his choice to follow the spirit of his orders rather than the words of them.


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