"In a way he was a little like Vorkosigan, a bit taller, about the same weight but less of it in bone and muscle and more of it in fat. He had dark hair too, curlier than Vorkosigan's and with less grey in it, was a similar age, and rather more handsome. His eyes were quite different, a deep velvet brown fringed by long black lashes, by far the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen in a man's face. They triggered a small subliminal wailing deep in her mind, crying, you thought you had faced fear earlier today, but you were mistaken; here is the real thing, fear without exhilaration or hope; which was strange, for they ought to have attracted her. "
―Cordelia meets Ges Vorrutyer[src]
Young ges vorrutyer by gemmiona-d33pruj

Young Ges Vorrutyer by gemmiona

Ges Vorrutyer was an Admiral in the Barrayaran Imperial Service and a member of House Vorrutyer. In his youth, he was involved in a relationship with Aral Vorkosigan; after that broke up, he had a longer-lasting relationship with Prince Serg Vorbarra and was referred to by one of his prisoners as "the Prince's catamite".

His sister was the first wife of Aral Vorkosigan. Apparently Ges developed a sexual obsession with his brother-in-law and skillfully manipulated the destruction of the marriage leading to Lady Vorkosigan's suicide and sending Aral into Ges' arms. The relationship did not last however and Cordelia was later to wonder just how much losing Aral contributed to Ges' disintegrating personality and sadistic tendencies.

A war criminal and a member of the War party, he was killed during the Barrayaran-Escobaran War.


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