The General Vorkraft was a Barrayaran General-class cruiser assigned to prepare Sergyar as a staging point to invade Escobar, after the Barrayarans had discovered a previously unknown wormhole connecting the two systems.

Aral Vorkosigan was given command of the ship after his demotion to Captain for strangling the political officer responsible for the Solstice Massacre. The worst of the Barrayaran Imperial Service were reputedly assigned to the ship, earning it the nickname "the Leper Colony".

Its sickbay was capable of hosting around 40 crew members and its interior was very different from the interior of a Betan spacecraft (it was similar in feel to a locker room, in Cordelia Naismith's eyes).

It is likely to have been named after a Barrayaran General named Vorkraft.


On Sergyar, a mutiny was attempted by political officer Radnov, when a scouting party led by Vorkosigan encountered Cordelia Naismith's Betan Astronomical Survey team. Most of the survey team escaped the planet to their ship, the Rene Magritte, which the Vorkraft could not capture due to the smaller ship's speed and maneuverability.

Vorkosigan retook control of the Vorkraft with the aid of his prisoner Naismith; however, Radnov, with the aid of the Betan survey team who had returned to Sergyar to attempt a rescue of their commanding officer, re-attempted the mutiny. Naismith defused the mutiny aboard the Vorkraft, this time for good, and disabled the ship's long range weaponry to allow the Magritte to escape to safety.


During the Invasion of Escobar, Captain Korabik Gottyan, Vorkosigan's former second-in-command, was in command of the Vorkraft, which was destroyed by the latest weaponry, plasma mirrors.

Crew membersEdit

The total crew was somewhere between 150 and 160 people (chapter 6, Cordelia talking to Tafas).