"A dark shape and a gleam of motion in their generously sized box resolved itself, as they approached, as a quaddie woman. She was slim and long-limbed, with fine white-blond hair cut finger length and waving in an aureole around her head. It made Miles think of mermaids of legend. Cheekbones to inspire men to duel with each other, or perhaps scribble bad poetry, or drown in drink. Or worse, desert their brigade. She was clothed in close-fitting black velvet with a little white lace ruff at her throat. The cuff on the lower right elbow of her softly pleated black velvet pants . . . sleeve, Miles decided, not leg, had been left unfastened to make room for a medical air-filled arm immobilizer of a sort painfully familiar to Miles from his fragile-boned youth. It was the only stiff, ungraceful thing about her, a crude insult to the rest of the ensemble."
―Miles meets Garnet Five[src]

Garnet Five was a quaddie woman of Graf Station. A null-gee dancer, she performed at the Minchenko Auditorium, playing Silver in Aljean's classic ballet, The Crossing.

She met and fell in love with a Barrayaran military jump pilot, Dmitri Corbeau; the consequences of their romance ballooned into the story of Diplomatic Immunity.


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