"The white robes he wore this morning were bulky and elaborate to the point of half-immobilizing him, and he had two ba servitors waiting to help him with them when he rose again. He had his icon-look plastered back on his face again, his expression so reserved it resembled porcelain. Three white bubbles floated silently beyond his left hand."
―Haut Fletchir Giaja[src]

Fletcher Giaja was the Emperor of the Cetagandan Empire, the chief of all haut-men and son of Lisbet Degtiar, the former empress who died shortly before the beginning of Cetaganda. As emperor, he had a veto in all matters pertaining to haut and the direction of the genetic project embodied in the concept and functioned as the main interface between haut and ghem.

A formidable opponent, he was nonetheless deeply pragmatic about relations between the Empire's satraps, and between the Empire and other galactic governments. He also had a good deal of insight into human nature, and was not without a certain ironic sense of humor: When the question came up of how to reward Miles Vorkosigan for his help recovering the Great Key arises, he awarded Miles the Cetagandan Order of Merit, a medal which simultaneously satisfied Miles's deep need for recognition and also ensured he would be discreet about the episode back on Barrayar, where the medal would raise many eyebrows.


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