"Evon Vorhalas had been commanding ground troops for Vordarian in the capital, in charge of the last defense of the space communications center in the military headquarters complex. He died in the final flurry of fighting, shot by his own men when he spurned an offer of amnesty in return for their surrender."
―Evon's end[src]

Commander Evon Vorhalas was the older son of Count Vorhalas. According to his father, he was ambitious and desired a place on the General Staff. As his father's eldest son, he was also his heir, and so would be Lord Vorhalas.

When Aral Vorkosigan refused to pardon his younger brother Carl, who was executed then for duelling, Evon swore revenge. That revenge took the form of a soltoxin gas grenade lobbed through Aral and Cordelia Vorkosigan's bedroom window; which did not kill either of them but did severely damage their unborn son.

He joined Vordarian's side during the Pretendership, and held one of two pockets of resistance that held on after the capital was retaken. He was killed by his won troops at the end after he turned down an offer of amnesty in exchange for surrender. 

It is unknown if he left behind a wife or son who would have become the next Lord Vorhalas. 


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