"Tien ... was difficult. I didn't realize it showed."
"Tien was an ass," Venier stated flatly. "That showed. Sorry, sorry. But it's true, and we both know it.
―Ekaterin speaks with Venier about Tien[src]

Etienne Voroisson was a Barrayaran of the Vor class and the first husband of Ekaterin Vorsoisson. Together, they had a son named Nikki.

They moved to Komarr where Etienne served as an administrator for the Waste Heat Management subdivision of the Komarr Terraforming Project; he was killed in a terrorist plot hatched by his underlings who had been bribing him to look the other way as they worked.

Tien's life and marriage were destroyed by his terror of being labeled 'mutie' on account of having Vorzohn's Dystrophy. Steeped in fear and denial, he delayed addressing the problem medically, thus endangering his son as well as himself. His efforts to get the money for a secret galactic treatment led to him becoming mired in a downward spiral of disaster that ended with his death.


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