"Roic had never in his whole career as a Hassadar municipal guardsman been in a clothing store resembling that of Lady Vorpatril's modiste. Nothing betrayed its location in the Vorbarr Sultana thoroughfare but a discreet brass plaque, labeled simply, Estelle."
―Roic enters Estelle's[src]

Estelle's was a high-society clothier's shop in Vorbarr Sultana's Old Town on Barrayar. Lady Alys Vorpatril was a personal friend of the owner of the shop, who was a woman not named Estelle.

Alys and the shop owner spent quite a bit of time teaching Taura how to dress fashionably at the time of Miles Vorkosigan's wedding; it is not stated whether the clothing shop that Tej Vorpatril and Rish were taken to was Estelle's or not, though it likely was.


"Winterfair Gifts"

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