"Enrique, who clutched a huge bundle of native Barrayaran plants, looked quite cheerful. In fact, he actually looked as if he had blood circulation. The scientist probably hadn't been outdoors for years...."
―Enrique's visit to Vorkosigan District[src]
Enrique and the beetles by airin ater-d7byp39

Enrique and the beetles - airin-ater

Enrique Borgos studied biochemistry and genetic entomology on Escobar, his native home. As a natural extension of his doctoral research, he created a species of beetle that he named "butter bugs." These beetles were designed to eat Earth-derived plant matter and convert it to nutritionally perfect food for humans.

He created a company to produce and sell his bugs, but unfortunately, due to a poor understanding of business economics, he sold several times the value of the company as stock, which resulted in his arrest for fraud. Mark Vorkosigan bailed him out and the two of them left for Barrayar. They set up shop on Barrayar, with considerably more success than on Escobar, at least in part due to Kareen Koudelka's skill in rustling up highly talented help, such as Ma Kosti for food product design and Ekaterin Vorsoisson for improvements in marketability of the bugs.

When last seen, he was establishing a romantic relationship with Martya Koudelka - or more accurately the assertive Martya had set her cap for him.


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