"Miles introduced Ivan, and named Elli hastily as a friend from off-planet with no connections and no place to stay. He quickly outlined his hopes for leaving the injured mercenary in his grandmother's hands. Mrs. Naismith assimilated this at once, merely remarking, 'Oh, yes, another of your strays.' Miles silently called down blessings upon her."
―Miles' grandmother, Elizabeth Naismith[src]

Elizabeth Naismith was the mother of Cordelia Naismith. She was married to Miles Mark Naismith until his death in a shuttle accident when Cordelia was young. She worked as a research engineer for uterine replicator technology at Silica University Hospital.

Over the years, she sponsored several Barrayaran expatriates who came to Beta Colony to get a year of galactic schooling, including her grandsons Miles Vorkosigan and Mark Vorkosigan, as well as Kareen Koudelka. She also put Arde Mayhew up in her home for a few days and Elli Quinn as well.


Miles and Ekaterin named their second daughter Elizabeth in her honor. 


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