Colonel Edwin Vorventa was a member of the Vorventa family, and the only one physically present in the books, where he played a minor yet crucial role. A ship captain during the events of Mirror Dance, he had a threatening encounter with Mark Vorkosigan in the gardens of the Imperial Residence, where he revealed that he knew that (for the time being) Miles Vorkosigan was dead. Mark was suspected both of the crime and of causing Prime Minister Aral Vorkosigan to have a near-fatal heart attack, and Captain Vorventa guaranteed that Mark would not hold the Vorkosigan Countship. Vorventa's brother worked for ImpSec in Galactic Affairs, and was demoted when it was learned that he had leaked the information to his brother.

In Cryoburn, he made an appearance at the end of the book, having been promoted to Colonel (showing the oddity of Barrayar's mixed service tradition) and transferred to ImpSec as liasion to a transfer station above Escobar. He brought Miles and Mark word of their father's death. 

"Count Vorkosigan, sir?"
―Colonel Vorventa, breaking Miles' (and the readers) hearts. [src]


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