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For the Count, see Dono Vorrutyer (count).
"He managed to get up five major structures before Yuri was killed and they stopped him."
―Armsman Pym[src]

Dono Vorrutyer was an infamous megalomaniac architect who designed buildings for Emperor Yuri Vorbarra. He was a younger son of a Count Vorrutyer, and had a married daughter.[1]

His buildings included Imperial Security Headquarters and the Municipal Stadium in Vorbarr Sultana.[1] Altogether he got up five major structures before he was stopped[1]. While the aesthetics of his buildings, particularly Imperial Security Headquarters, were often criticized, they were well-constructed so far as defensibility and resistance to various kinds of assault were concerned.[2]

After the dismemberment of his patron, Dono Vorrutyer retired to his daughter's estate and succumbed fully to madness, building several strange towers. Due to his reputation, they became a tourist attraction posthumously[1], as did Imperial Security Headquarters.[3] His grand-niece, Lady Donna Vorrutyer, changed her name to Dono when she became a man.[4]

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