"The old man cleared his throat again. 'I always meant to ask what you and old Yuri said to each other, that day two years later when we finally butchered him in that old castle. I've developed a particular interest in Emperors' last words, lately. Count Vorhalas thought you were playing with him.'
Vorkosigan's eyes closed briefly, in pain or memory. 'Hardly. Oh, I thought I was eager for the first cut, until he was stripped and held before me. Then—I had this impulse to strike suddenly at his throat, and end it cleanly, just be done with it.'
―On the occasion of Ezar's offer of the Regency to Aral[src]

The Dismemberment of Mad Emperor Yuri was the climax and end of Yuri Vorbarra's Civil War where "the Mad Emperor" Yuri Vorbarra was violently and graphically executed by his cousin Ezar Vorbarra in retaliation for Yuri's tyranical rule as Emperor of Barrayar and for Yuri Vorbarra's Massacre where members of Yuri's and Ezar's own Vorbarra family were killed. To ensure that Piotr Vorkosigan's son Aral (whose claim to the Imperium was arguably better than Ezar's) would never wish to claim his position, Ezar gave Aral the first cut.[1]

There weren't enough pieces of Yuri to go around to all the people who wanted to have cuts of him.[2][3]

Yuri's scalp was preserved and tanned and later placed upon prominent display in the military museum in Vorhartung Castle.[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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