"Destang was a man of about sixty, lean, with gray hair, shorter than what was middle height for a Barrayaran. Doubtless born just after the end of the Cetagandan occupation, when widespread malnutrition had robbed many of their full growth potential. He would have been a young officer at the time of the Conquest of Komarr, of middle rank during its later Revolt; combat-experienced, like all who had lived through that war-torn past."
―Miles meets Destang[src]

Commodore Destang was the senior military attaché for Barrayar on Tau Ceti, in charge of Sector II Security.

He was not a believer in the Komarran integration scheme, and he showed evidence of prejudice against Komarrans, but he was smart enough to know when the realities of politics were against him. He particularly hated Ser Galen, due to having had to dig through the rubble of Halomar Barracks after it had been blown up on Komarr during the Komarran Revolt.

"When I finished dealing with a certain Investigator Reed of the London Municipal Assizes at 0700 this morning, I was determined that only divine intervention could save you from my wrath. Divine intervention arrived at 0900 in the person of a special courier from Imperial HQ.... With luck, by the time your irregulars next return to Sector II, I will have retired."
―Destang to Miles[src]


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