"Tall Deslaurier, pale and wan beneath a lingering touch of adolescent acne, managed a nod.
Miles blinked in surprise. When, under his old covert ops identity, he had run a supposedly independent mercenary fleet for ImpSec's galactic operations, Fleet Legal had been a major department; just negotiating the peaceful passage of armed ships through all the varied local space legal jurisdictions had been a full-time job of nightmarish complexity. 'Ensign.' Miles returned the nod, and chose his wording carefully. 'You, ah . . . would seem to have a considerable responsibility, for your rank and age.'
―Miles meets Deslaurier[src]

Ensign Deslaurier was a young Barrayaran Imperial Service officer working in the fleet legal office. When his supervisor had to leave for a family emergency, he found himself in charge of the legal dealings for an entire Komarran trade fleet and accompanying military escort ships.

This was a very complex job for a low-level officer; he found himself overwhelmed when matters turned difficult at Graf Station. As a result, he was unable to prevent his fleet from ending up in serious legal troubles when a missing-persons case turned into assault and battery and devolved from there to a major diplomatic incident.


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