"Lieutenant Dea was the Prime Minister's physician's assistant. Miles had seen him around—an ambitious young military doctor, in a constant state of frustration because his superior would never let him touch his most important patient—oh, he was going to be thrilled with this assignment, Miles predicted morosely."
―Dr. Dea to serve as forensic pathologist[src]

Dr. Dea was a physician who worked for Prime Minister Count Aral Vorkosigan. When Harra Csurik came to the Count seeking justice for an infanticide, the Count sent Miles Vorkosigan to investigate. Dr. Dea was sent as well to examine the baby and make sure that indeed the death was due to homicide; his autopsy did in fact reveal that the baby had not died accidentally.

Trained in the treatment of seventy different medical emergencies for his very important human patient, he was not overly pleased to be ordered to sew up a horse's neck in the middle of the night deep in the Dendarii Mountains.


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