"The display area was spacious, a sure tip-off to the price range they were operating in. Red fox coats, white tiger carpets, extinct leopard jackets, gaudy Tau Cetan beaded lizard bags and boots and belts, black and white macaque monkey vests—a holovid display ran a continuous program explaining the stock's origins not in the slaughter of live animals, but in the test tubes and vats of GalacTech's R&D division. Nineteen extinct species were offered in natural colors. Coming up for the fall line, the vid assured them, were rainbow rhino leather and triple-length white fox in designer pastels."
―Miles visits Cultured Furs[src]

Cultured Furs was a division of GalacTech that operated a shop on Earth selling various types of fur. A very popular item was live furs.[1]

Miles Vorkosigan bought one for Elli Quinn while they were on Earth; she later bought one for him as a wedding gift.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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