"Vorhalas had been key man in the Conservative opposition to the Vorkosigan-led Centrist machine for as long as Ivan could remember. He was not a Party leader, but his reputation for iron integrity made him the man to whom all others looked to set the standard."
―The backbone of the Conservative Party[src]

The Conservative Party was a political faction on the planet Barrayar and among its Vor class. Opposing the Progressive Party in the Council of Counts, the Conservatives stood for traditional Barrayaran and Vor values and favored minimizing the influence of the larger galactic, interstellar society. The Conservative Party was known to be in decline at the time of the events of A Civil Campaign.

Until he was suspected of a treasonous plot to overthrow the Emperor Gregor Vorbarra, the official leader of the Conservative Party was Count Vortrifrani. Afterwards, the leader was Count Boriz Vormoncrief. The key man of the party, however, since the early days of Aral Vorkosigan's Regency, was Count Vorhalas.

Known Members of the Conservative PartyEdit


Much is said about them; the best single reference is:

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