"The arrangement was simple, though the surgical procedure upon which it was based was fiendishly complex. A clone was grown from a customer's somatic cell, gestated in a uterine replicator and then raised to physical maturity in Bharaputra's crèche, a sort of astonishingly-appointed orphanage. The clones were valuable, after all, their physical conditioning and health of supreme importance. Then, when the time was right, they were cannibalized. In an operation that claimed a total success rate of rather less than one hundred percent, the clone's progenitor's brain was transplanted from its aged or damaged body into a duplicate still in the first bloom of youth. The clone's brain was classified as medical waste."
―Bharaputra's immortality business[src]

House Bharaputra's official business was immortality. To that end, they grew clones of customers to physical adulthood using growth-enhancing drugs to speed the process up (so that it took about ten to twelve years to produce an adult-sized clone). Then, when the clone was full-grown, the customer's brain was transplanted into the clone's body.

The practice was illegal on all planets in the Nexus except for Jackson's Whole.


Many books mention the clone business. Detailed information can be found in:

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