"The girl was slim, and elfin, and wonderfully weird to Leo's unaccustomed eyes. Her short, fine hair clung close to her head, framing her face, shaped to a point at the nape of her neck. It was so thick it reminded Leo of cat fur; one might stroke it, and be soothed."
―Leo Graf's first meeting with Claire[src]

Claire was one of the first quaddies created by Dr Warren Minchenko and Dr Cay for the Cay Project. Her original workrole had been welding and joining, but after she was chosen to be one of the very first "mommies," she changed roles to "Housekeeping, Nutrition Technology, and Hydroponics" as part of an experiment to determine which jobs were best performed while raising children (high-tech Women's Work, in Leo Graf's mind). When the GalacTech managers ordered her to have a second child from a young male quaddie other than her lover, Tony, the two of them tried to run away; as punishment, her baby Andy was taken from her.

She became one of the leaders of the rebellion of quaddies against the GalacTech managers, keeping other quaddies' morale up and planning out how to keep hydroponics going successfully with the least light demands possible.

"Curry gasped in surprise, and for breath, as she parted his arms wide, overpowering even his young male torso. He kicked, his knees thumping her, but with nothing to push against he couldn't drive them with enough force to really hurt. She grinned in wild exhilaration, brought his arms in, out again at will. I'm stronger! I'm stronger! I'm stronger than him and I never even knew it.... Carefully, she locked her power-gripping lower hands around his wrists, and freed her uppers. Both hands working together easily peeled his clutching fingers from the hypodermic. She held it up and crooned, 'This won't hurt a bit.'"
―Claire discovers that she is strong[src]


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