"'Whoa,' said Ivan. 'That's the biggest force dome I've ever seen. I didn't know they could expand them to that size.'
'It absorbs the output of an entire generating plant,' said Vorob'yev, 'for the dome alone. Another for the interior.'
A flattened opalescent bubble six kilometers across reflected the late morning sun of Eta Ceta. It lay in the midst of the city like a vast egg in a bowl, a pearl beyond price. It was ringed first by a kilometer-wide park with trees, then by a street reflecting silver, then by another park, then by an ordinary street, thick with traffic. From this, eight wide boulevards fanned out like the spokes of a wheel, centering the city. Centering the universe, Miles gained the impression. The effect was doubtless intended.
―Miles's first sight of Xanadu[src]

The Celestial Garden, called Xanadu by Galactics, was a large force-domed area in the center of the capital city of Eta Ceta, the capital planet of the Cetagandan Empire. It was home and place of work to the haut women of the Star Crèche and to the Emperor and his retinue.


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