Captain was a rank in numerous Nexus militaries, and was also the general term for the commander of a spaceship, regardless of formal rank. It could refer either to a high-ranking space officer and for lower-ranking ground officers.

If it is a ground-related rank, it is below Major, while if it is a space-related rank it may be below Commodore.


Due to the somewhat haphazard unification of the Barrayaran Imperial Service, it had several rank schemes acting in parallel. For the primary version of this rank, an officer with good connections might reasonably expect to reach it by thirty (early by historical tradition), and Aral Vorkosigan achieved it by twenty-eight. The rank tabs for this form of captain were blue.[1] There was also a possibly separate rank of ground-captain.[2]

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Beta ColonyEdit

In the Betan Astronomical Survey (known as the Betan Expeditionary Force during times of war), this rank was directly senior to commander. The individual in charge of a survey vessel was referred to as a captain by her subordinates regardless of rank.[22]

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The rank in the Cetagandan ground forces was also called century-captain, and ghem-comrades holding the rank were referred to as ghem-Captain.[24] The commander of the haut Ilsum Kety's ship was also addressed as Captain.[25]

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The rank is also used in planetary forces, nations, space stations, and mercenary fleets:

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