Butter bugs were a genetically-engineered species of insect designed to produce a food called bug butter. They were invented by Enrique Borgos and marketed on Barrayar by a business owned by Mark Vorkosigan, the twin clone brother of Miles Vorkosigan.

Dr. Borgos unfortunately was interested in substance over style and his butter bugs were visually repellent, leading to considerable customer resistance. The redesign by Ekaterin Vorsoisson proved far more appealing to the public.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Butter bugs hold a strong sex/fertility symbolism in the tale of A Civil Campaign. To quote the author: "An ugly alien creature that, when petted, barfs a dubious thick white liquid into one’s hand, but at the same time, if one can get past the biological squick factor, promises a greatly enhanced future life, is not a symbol of female anything." See A Civil Campaign XIII (trust and integrity) for discussion.


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