"Vormoncrief's uncle Count Boriz Vormoncrief, being just outside the spatter-zone, had inherited the leadership of the shrinking Conservative Party after the fall of Count Vortrifrani."
―Miles takes note of Boriz[src]

Boriz Vormoncrief was a District Count and Vor noble on the planet Barrayar. He became the leader of the Conservative Party in the Council of Counts after the former head, Count Vortrifrani, came to be associated with the treasonous "Yarrow" plot.

Byerly Vorrutyer described him as a "staid old stick."

He was the father-in-law of Sigur Vorbretten, and sued on his behalf to claim the Countship of the Vorbretten's District after René Vorbretten's Cetagandan heritage was revealed. He was also the uncle of Alexi Vormoncrief.


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