"When I was a small boy, my mother used to take me to Bonsanklar every summer. It was a sort of upper-class resort town with a lot of virgin forest backing up to the mountains behind it. My father was away mostly, at the capital or with his corps. Midsummer's Day was the old Emperor's birthday, and they used to have the most fantastic fireworks—at least, they seemed so to me at the time—out over the ocean. The whole town would turn out on the esplanade, nobody even armed. No duels were permitted on the Emperor's birthday, and I was allowed to run all over the place freely."
―Aral recalling his childhood vacations to Cordelia[src]

Bonsanklar was a resort town along the northern coast of Vorpatril's District where Aral Vorkosigan's family sometimes visited during Midsummer.

The mountain range behind Bonsanklar were unlikely to be the Dendarii mountains because the Vorkosigan district was to the south of Vorpatril's District and the Dendarii Mountains formed the southern border of Vorkosigan's District.


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