"The engineering lieutenant was a slight man, maybe twenty-eight or thirty years old, with a craggy face surfaced with pocked sallow skin, reddened by the climate. Calculating brown eyes, competent-looking hands, and a sardonic air which, Miles sensed, might be permanent and not merely directed at himself."
―Miles meets Lt Bonn[src]

Lieutenant Bonn was an engineer who served in the Barrayaran Imperial Service until his involvement with the Kyril Island Incident.

During Miles Vorkosigan's stay on Kyril Island, he and Lieutenant Bonn became friends; though their meeting took the form of Miles having to explain just how far he'd sunk his scat-cat into mud.

A sharp man, he realized immediately that Miles' placement on Kyril Island was suspect – that there must have been strange machinations happening behind that posting. He also took his job as a leader very seriously, to the point of joining his men in their semi-mutiny against having been ordered to clean up a fetaine spill.


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