"Good evening, Lord Vorob'yev." Their silver-haired Marilacan host exchanged a familiar nod with his Barrayaran counterpart. "Yes, we think it's rather fine. It's a gift from a local ghem-lord. Quite an honor. It's titled 'Autumn Leaves.' My cipher staff puzzled over the name for half a day, and finally decided it meant 'Autumn Leaves.' "
―Bernaux discusses Cetagandan art with Vorob'yev[src]

Ambassador Bernaux was the Marilacan ambassador to Eta Ceta in the time just before the Cetagandans invaded Marilac. He hosted a party for galactic representatives during the lead-up to the Cetagandan empress's funeral; the ghem-lord Yenaro took advantage of an opportunity to use his party as the location of his first elaborate prank played upon the Barrayaran envoys.


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