The ba were a genetically engineered Cetagandan caste of genderless servants (a subclass of servitors), developed by haut women. Considered Imperial slaves, they were rarely if ever seen outside the Cetagandan Empire. Ba were born specifically for the trial of new human gene samples, both ghem and haut. Genetic traits approved in ba test subjects were later integrated into the haut genome. They were bred for absolute obedience, and their secondary purpose was to be personal servitors to their haut-lady creators.[1]

Like all other life projects by Cetaganda, ba were considered an art form. All ba were unique and valued for their individuality, although there were generational trends. In the haut Lisbet Degtiar's generation, it was the fashion to make ba completely hairless.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Even though the ba were bred to be obedient, they were also extremely intelligent and cunning, and had their own personalities when a situation was outside their servitor parameters. While the concept of a ba being disobedient was unthinkable to Cetagandans, the ba who acted under the alias Ker Dubauer betrayed and murdered numerous haut to pursue its own ends, though it may have thought it was fulfilling the late Dowager Empress's desire for increased haut diversity.[3]

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Notes and referencesEdit

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