"Avakli, in nice contrast to the rounder Ruibal, was long, thin, intense, and balding. Miles hoped the last was a sign of a high intellectual temperature."
―Miles' first meeting with Avakli[src]

Rear Admiral Avakli was the biocyberneticist who was placed in charge of handling Simon Illyan's memory chip breakdown in Memory. A capable and honest scientist, his normal line of work was Imperial Service jumpship pilot neural implants, but as that was the nearest match on Barrayar to memory chips, he was the best pick available for the job.

His understanding of the job he was to perform was to retrieve as much of the contents of the chip as possible; this served to delay actual treatment of Simon Illyan nearly to the point where the evidence of the cause of the breakdown would be lost. When Miles Vorkosigan took over the management of Illyan's case, he redirected Avakli and the rest of the team to saving Illyan and allowing the chip's information to be lost. The details of the events that followed form the heart of the story Memory.


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