"Tung took a breath. 'Auson, you can be a real shithead sometimes, but dammit, you can fight when you have to. I've seen you. In the tight and the bad and the crazy, I'll take you at my back before any other captain in the fleet.'"
―On the occasion of Auson changing sides[src]

Captain Auson was a Dendarii Mercenary fleet captain. He was originally captain of the Ariel, but when he met up with Miles Vorkosigan, Miles took his ship from him and gave the captaincy to Bel Thorne, Auson's former second-in-command. Miles then gave another, larger and better armed, ship to Auson in return -- the Triumph, which had formerly belonged to Ky Tung.

When Miles was gone from the Dendarii for some three to four years to go to the Barrayaran Imperial Military Academy, Captain Auson changed sides to favor his former fleet commander, Yuan Oser. Upon Miles' return, Auson changed sides back again.


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