An Armsman was a Barrayaran term for an armed liveried guard.

Each District Count was allowed twenty according to the provisions in Vorloupulous's Law[1], meaning that there were a maximum of 1200 at any time (although some Counts, like the impoverished Vorfolse[2],  employed less than the twenty allowed).

An Armsman was (supposed to be) always a citizen of his Count's District, and his word was legally his Count's. Armsmen came from a variety of backgrounds, though they all usually had some military or law enforcement skill: Bothari had served as a Sergeant in the Imperial Service[3], Pym was in Imperial Security[4], and Roic was a member of the Hassadar Municipal Guard[5].

All Armsmen contingents had an Armsman-Commander who led the men[6]. It is unknown how an armsman became a Commander, but some combination of seniority and choice on behalf of the Count or his family seems to be likely. 

"After a dozen off-world trips in m’lord’s wake, Roic was getting practiced at the scramble to arrange m’lord’s luggage, in his role of sometime-batman, m’lord’s and his own travel documents, in his role as personal assistant—the job title Roic traveled under, as explaining the ancient and honorable rank of Armsman to galactics was always a losing game—and m’lord’s security."
―Roic's job description[src]

Vorkosigan ArmsmenEdit

Vorbarra ArmsmenEdit

  • Kevi[17] (possible, but not likely - his only appearance did not have him dressed in Vorbarra livery)
  • Gerard[18]

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Oaths Associated with ArmsmenEdit

The armsman oath took the following form (the swearer was X, the swearer's home District was W, the lord was Y, the emperor was Z)[22][7]:

I, X, do testify I am [an unsworn freeman | a freeman/freewoman of the District W | a forsworn military vassal of Z], and take service under Y as an Armsman simple, and will hold him as my liege commander until my death or his releases me.

The lord being sworn to responded as follows:

I, Y, vassal secondus to Z, do accept your oath, and pledge you the protection of a liege commander; this by my word as Y.

When an armsman wished to marry, the formula went like this (X is person to marry)[23]:

My lord, I ask your permission and aid to marry X that my sons may serve you.

A favorable response took the form[23]:

Yes, may they all serve me as well as you do.


An Armsman's Shout was performed at a Count's or Count's heir's wedding. The armsmen shouted together when the wedding was completed and the couple stepped out of their circle.[5]

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