"Alexi was not the most stultifying bore in Vorbarr Sultana—several gentlemen of the older generation currently vied for that title—but he certainly qualified as an understudy."
―Ivan's opinion of Alexi[src]

Alexi Vormoncrief was a Vor noble of the planet Barrayar and the Barrayaran Imperium. He was a Lieutenant of the Barrayaran Imperial Service, Ops, and also a nephew to Count Vormoncrief, who was one of the main actors in attempting to replace Count René Vorbretten with a son-in-law Sigur Vorbretten.

He attempted to court Ekaterin Vorsoisson during her time in Vorbarr Sultana before she married Miles Vorkosigan; he mainly succeeded in boring her with long genealogical discussions.

He later made trouble for her and her son Nikki by contacting her family to tell them that she was endangering Nikki by spending time with questionable people such as Miles Vorkosigan.

As punishment for making enough trouble to come to Emperor Gregor's negative attention several times, he was assigned to Kyril Island as their new laundry officer.


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